Excel License Agreement

What is EULA? The EULA or End User License Agreement is the legally binding agreement between you and Microsoft. This agreement defines how you can use, install, and discard Office. When you installed Office or first run one of the Office programs, the EULA was displayed to you in a dialog box and you were prompted to click “I agree” or “I disagree”. If you clicked on “I agree”, you have agreed to abide by the EULA. The EULA is a legally binding agreement between you and Microsoft. Where can I read the EULA? The EULA is available in the online help files for all office applications. Open one of the programs, z.B. Excel, and search for “End User License Agreement” in the Content tab. What did I buy when I bought Office? They bought the physical media and own them – the CDs and some papers. They have also acquired the rights (a license) to use the software in the manner described in the EULA. You can own the CDs themself, but you do not own the content (intellectual property) that appears on the CDs.

They have the right to use this intellectual property in a certain way. How you use this intellectual property is determined by eula. I purchased a retail copy of Office and installed it on my PC. Can I install it on my child`s PC? No no. The EULA does not allow you to install Office on more than one PC. If you want to install Office on your child`s PC, you`ll need to buy another copy of Office. I have an OEM copy of Office that was in theX with my new PC. Can I purchase the upgraded version of Office and install it on my wife`s computer? No no.

The upgraded version can only be installed on a computer that already has Office installed, and it can only be installed on a PC (plus your own laptop). For this reason, if you and your wife have full versions of Office 2000, you will need to purchase two upgrade copies of Office 2002, one for each computer. I have an OEM copy of Office and I install it on my PC. Can I install it on my laptop? No no. The EULA is different for OEM copies of Office, and you can`t install an OEM copy on your laptop only if you`re the only user of the laptop. The OEM copy of Office can only be available on the original PC on which it was installed. No laptops, nothing else. OEM copies are exclusively licenses for a machine.

You can read the license terms later in a Microsoft Office program by > > On Program Name (z.B account. Info on Excel) > Click Microsoft Software License Terms. These questions and answers are aimed at local entrepreneurs and small entrepreneurs. If you have a subscription service or volume license for Office, please contact your MS Sales Office. These questions and answers also apply to OFFICE versions in the United States. The EULA may vary from country to country. . . .