What Is A Formal Academic Agreement Between An Instructor And Students Called

Good, carefully written grades are an important resource for active learning. Active thinkers keep notebooks and magazines with ideas for readings, lectures, presentations and their own themes. It is important to make every effort to help students improve the quality of this form of writing. As a model, you can include outlines that provide orientation on themes for conferences and presentations, clearly indicate what students should remember, and provide space for their own interpretations and material developments. Sometimes you can use pairs of notes (Johnson, Johnson, Smith, 1991) during or at the end of a conference. (In this case, two students work together to verify important concepts and relevant information, to resolve unresolved problems or concerns.) It is also useful to include detailed formulas and diagrams that students should use. Maybe you want to include study techniques specific to your c! our. In this way, the content of the program will contribute to the organization and concentration of student grade and learning. [See Learning Tools, Part II] Research has shown that students want more frequent interaction with the faculty. You can start communicating your availability by providing basic information such as your name, address, phone numbers, email address, office schedules, how to organize a conference.

[See examples, Part II] You can also include a biographical information page (including address, phone, email, etc.) that will help you learn the students` names, their interests and why they are in the course. To encourage interaction with other students, you can use this information to develop a list of students (including name, address, phone, email, etc.) especially useful for group work and a-class working time. You can include similar information about other important student contacts, z.B. TAs, technicians, head office employees and librarians. This contact information is useful when plans change during the semester. The risk or possibility, depending on where you are, is that different instructors offer the same specific course with a Playbook originally written by someone else. Traditionally, higher education does not work that way. Even professors who teach different sections of the same course put their own stamps and give insights into their own research and experiences. Last semester, my first in a university, I tried something different, and I asked my online students to call me Dr.

K. I felt like I was slipping my references into everyone`s faces using my first initial to make up for the prescribed formality.