Unlimited License Agreement (Ula)

The restrictions of an ULA are subject to the terms of the agreement. Some ULA clauses relate to products and uses, while others refer to your organization or the concept of ULA. When your ULA expires, you have two options: you can certify and report your use on Oracle, or you can extend your ULA for a new period of three years (or more). About 15 years ago, Oracle Corporation introduced its unlimited License Agreement (ULA). This type of licensing agreement has been developed for large companies that do not have to count the required number of licences on an ongoing basis and for companies that wish to have details in advance of their net licence and support charges for years to come. Since its launch, many end-user organizations have reached such an agreement. The reasons why end-users entered an ULA are different. Oracle may have proposed an ULA as a commercial solution for significant identified non-compliance resulting from an audit. Or a company that needs a large number of additional licenses to supply Oracle and wants to know in advance the associated licensing and support fees. There may be many other reasons for companies to close an ULA. Version 1 licensing experts have unparalleled expertise in Oracle Unlimited licensing agreements and can help you prepare your Oracle ULA statement. Whether you understand your options when you report, Validate your reporting data or help where you need to start the process, provide our Oracle licensing experts in conjunction with version 1 Control ™ Service: Both should go hand in hand – if you run your Oracle license optimization program in-house with purchased tools (don`t believe Oracle tools will do the job, they won`t) or if you store ULA optimization to a qualified service partner.

The ultimate goal is to make sure that the fees you pay are a good return on the products you use. If your Oracle consumption increases during the ULA period (within the ULA parameters), the agreement can achieve huge cost savings compared to the purchase of licenses. But if your consumption decreases, you will almost certainly pay too much for your licenses. Is it important to understand your current and predicted use in the future? the potential cost-benefit of a possible ULA. Control costs, manage the complexity and compliance of the license with the asset management service of Version 1 Control. This service confirms all of our commitments to help organizations defend themselves against audits, size licensing costs and compliance. The methodology was then developed to maintain this optimal position on an ongoing basis and to reduce risks and costs. Our asset management and software licensing team has over 350 years of Oracle experience and a comprehensive understanding of every step of ULA`s lifecycle – we can help you make the right decision for your business.

Although the name is different, an ULA is not totally unlimited. ULA`s restrictions are governed by the clauses contained. While the starting point will usually be the standard Oracle ULA with standard clauses, it is possible to include deviations from the standard and/or non-standard language. This leads to specific terms and conditions between your own organization and Oracle. These may contain clauses to limit the increase in the expectation of support over the life of the ULA (also known as Technical Support Cap), which would otherwise increase by 3 to 4% over the previous year; Clauses authorizing the use of ULA programs up to a certain threshold after the merger or acquisition (for example. B, 10% maximum growth in terms of personnel and/or turnover), clauses allowing a divested company to use ULA programs for a short-term period of 6 to 12 months, an ULA certification base to guarantee a minimum number of licenses for certification, and much more.