Ses Water Build Over Agreement

In 1958, the company had three plants in Sutton, Cheam and Woodmansterne, which abstructured all water from deep wells in the groundwater scale of the underlying chalk. Hard water was treated with lime to soften it before being pumped into the distribution system. Each pumping station had diesel pumps and electric pumps, and Sutton`s plants also had backup steam engines for pumping. [38] Once we have confirmed that we have all received above, we will submit a quote for the necessary work within a 28-day schedule. Thank you for familiarizing yourself with our New Connections process, it will give you an overview of the process you are following and will help you plan your construction and management tasks: New residential or commercial construction requiring an extended water main for the production of connections in the site, we can offer you a complete offer, design and delivery service, but you have a number of ways to pay for or perform the work. You can name your own accredited contractor, known as the self-lay provider (SLP), to work with you to install the pipes. For more information, you will find our pricing information below on this page and we also have a list of authorized SLPs working in our field. All support documents (including your app, if you have decided to print it) can be sent to our developer services team at by email. Our customers include major retailers, supermarkets, hotels and leisure, local and national authorities, NHS, independent schools, manufacturing, food processing and an international airport. We have extensive customer service and operational experience as illustrated by our contact centre in Redhill. Founded in 1858 to serve the people of Reigate, Reigate Water Works Company decided to sell its assets to East Surrey Water in 1896.

The Reigate Corporation was not aware of this and, when they found out, tried to delay the parliamentary bill that would have formalized the deal. When that ruse failed, they tried to remove the clerk because he did not inform the Council of the agreement. The city`s author was also director of the Reigate Water Works Company. Reigate Corporation also failed in this approach and therefore used a competing invoice that would have allowed them to change the rates and rates that East Surrey Water could set. Their action provoked great hostility in the press, and eventually a compromise was reached, East Surrey Water having made small changes to the rates of additional baths and water cabinets.