Wrangell Public Schools Negotiated Agreement

Don`t forget to visit our public surplus site during the winter break to see the surplus laptops we have in the auction bids: www.publicsurplus.com/s…/wrangellps,ak/list/current… takes nominations for the following positions for the position of: Guidelines: – Community members who join, like or interact with the district`s Facebook group agree to comply with these policies. KSTK: Please make your announcement until Monday, December 17, 2012. Wrangell Sentinel: Please make your announcement in the December 13th edition of the Wrangell Sentinel. Purpose: Our goal is to share information and advice, update the community through events and programs, and showcase the performance of students, teachers, parents and other community members. All members are supposed to be respectful of each other. Applications must be received by 4 p.m. on Monday, December 17, 2012. Discrimination (including age, sex, race, sex, skin colour, profession of faith, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability or any other legally protected basis) is not tolerated. Business Manager: This is a 12-month position with benefits paid on the salary plan of exempt employees (63,510 USD – 95.265 USD DOE). Members are prohibited from participating in cyberbullying in this group. any act online, on the Internet or via electronic devices (mobile phones, tablets) that intentionally threaten, harass, intimidate a person or group of people; If there is a reasonable risk of harm to the individual or harm to the individual`s property; has the effect that the orderly functioning of the school is significantly disrupted as cyber-harassment. Do not hesitate to post pictures of your own children, but do not post pictures of other children without the permission of their parent or legal guardians.

. Wrangell Public School District reserves the right to delete comments and/or inform users who post comments or messages that, at the discretion of the district, constitute cyberbullying or discrimination; nudity, obscenity or unpaid violence; are commercial calls; Inciting violence constitute a violation of district law or policy; Support or candidates opposed to political parties or political candidates; Promote illicit activities Disclosure of students` personal data or otherwise violate Facebook`s own guidelines.